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Soil Management Systems wins “Excellence in Cutting Edge Agronomy Award”

Brenton Byerlee, Award Winner

The National Carbon Farmers of Australia presented their awards in early August rewarding outstanding achievement in fields of carbon farming, soil health, regenerative agriculture, emissions reduction and carbon trade.

Soil Management Systems won one of the fifteen “National Carbon Cocky Awards”. SMS won the award for “Excellence in Cutting Edge Agronomy” and Managing Director Brenton Byerlee was there to accept the award. This is an area that Brenton has been researching and working in for over 30 years. To say that he is surprised and thrilled is an understatement.

Carbon Award, Soil Management Systems

The award recognises the many years of helping farmers all over Australia to gain more understanding of their soils with a program of helping them to be more productive.

Accepting the award in his speech Brenton spoke of the need for an understanding of the cause of soils decreasing ability to mineralise nutrients in an available form to plants. “Soil is the foundation of every farming enterprise and we must get back to basics in understanding our soils,” he said, “we must promote a great diversity of soil life”.

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by Soil Management Systems

Welcome to Soil Management Systems. We’re delighted to have you visit our website.

We specialise in soil and plant nutrition and operate Australia-wide. Our emphasis is on BALANCED nutrition and treating soils as a LIVING environment. We offer independent soil testing services and a strategic approach to soil health.

Allow me to explain. The three facets of soils—Chemical, Physical and Biological—are all interrelated and interdependent. For instance, soil inputs of fertilisers and chemicals will negatively or positively affect the physical and biological aspects of the soil.

Soil mineral balance leads to the desired physical structure which in turn enhances the oxygen-loving biology of the soil. The greater diversity and degree of biological activity improves soil physical structure, creating greater soil carbon levels. This leads to an increased soil-moisture-holding capacity and mineralisation of nutrients in an available form to crops and pasture.

Thus, soil pathogens are out-competed by friendly soil biota. Synergies between nutrients are enhanced for greater nutrient uptake and antagonisms are avoided. Consequently, we carefully consider these factors when deciding our inputs of fertilisers and chemicals.

Soil Testing Services

Here at Soil Management Systems, we provide fertiliser products that are soil friendly, encouraging soil biota. Soil fertility is not just about macro-nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium or NPK), which is the current modern fertiliser practice, but it’s also about all the trace and micro minerals in balanced form which the soil and plants require.

Plant roots have a symbiotic relationship with soil biology. In other words, feeding the soil rather than the plant and letting the biology feed the crops and pastures, produces both healthy soils and crops, and pastures and livestock. Soil health is our foremost goal.

From our seven warehouses around Australia, Soil Management Systems can supply to all types of agriculture.

A good starting point is our Comprehensive Soil Test with independent report and recommendations from a renowned soil scientist, providing valuable information of your soils and a process of rejuvenating them.

We are here for all your soil and plant nutrition needs and to help you enjoy farming again.

Brenton Byerlee
Managing Director
Soil Management Systems

Our Vision

To work closely with farming clients to help them understand their soils and provide service and products that enhance the life, balance and productivity of their soils.


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